My 10 Day Healthy Cooking & Eating Challenge!


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that today, as spontaneously as ever, I announced a little 10 day challenge. This challenge is for free and for everybody who wants to kick start a healthy eating regime for better skin and energy or to perhaps start a weight loss diet – whatever your motivation, this is the perfect way and the perfect time to start!

Don’t worry if you’re only reading this on Tuesday – the first rule about healthy eating or weight loss regimes is: forget about Mondays. It does not have to be a Monday for you to change the way you eat. It doesn’t even have to be the beginning of a new day – you can make the decision halfway through the day and decide to swap your dinner for something healthier, leaner and, best of all – home cooked!

So here are the simple rules I always set out for this challenge:

  1. Cook at least two meals fresh at home daily;
  2. Prepare at least 160g of cruciferous green veg per meal;
  3. Prioritise lean protein sources over processed foods;
  4. Prioritise water over coffee or energy/fizzy drinks;
  5. No alcohol – come on, you can do it for 10 days!;
  6. You’re allowed a SMALL sugary snack once a day – keep it under 160 calories AND consume it when you’d normally be craving sugars/carbs (for most people it’s the afternoon);
  7. Log everything on MFP – let’s keep ourselves accountable!

Provided you’ve filled in every day without fail, then at the end of the 10 days I will friend you on MFP and provide you feedback on what you’d like to change! That is worth £100 – but for you it will be free. You’re thinking – how is it that simple? Well, you have to be honest and you do have to make an effort over these 10 days. 🙂 Unfortunately, if you’ve been inconsistent with logging, I can’t provide feedback.

Although this isn’t a weight loss challenge, participants (including myself) have noted changes in body composition and a drop in bodyfat every time I run this challenge (3 times so far, this one being the 4th.). The changes to lifestyle over these 10 days bring about a welcome change in metabolism speed and the healthy competition and camaraderie spur everyone on to be better than we were yesterday and to cook healthier meals!

I myself will be posting my two meals daily with ingredients so you can try cooking the same dishes if you’d like. This is what I had today:

On the left you can see my late lunch, which was a super lean courgette and pork mince lasagne with some cheddar and parmesan. A very healthy option, which is also low-carb! I had 250g 10% pork mince, 2 courgettes and about 100g grated cheddar. If you want to make this dish even lower in calories then use low fat cheddar or Protein Cheese – you can buy it from Tesco, it’s only £2 per pack and it’s all natural. I checked the ingredients and it’s been made exactly the same way normal cheese has so you don’t have to worry about any hocus pocus. You can also swap the 10% pork mince for 5% pork mince or beef or turkey mince even. Just remember to log all ingredients as a recipe and then adjust the serving size according to your daily calorie allowance. I try to keep my meals between 300-500 calories.

On the right you can see my 5 minute breakfast – grated mozzarella and wafer ham omelette – I was literally using up everything I had in the fridge as I clearly hadn’t prepared for this challenge – which is perfect! I don’t want anybody to panic and start throwing away food because you might think it’s unsuitable for some reason. If in doubt, please contact me and I will give you ideas on what you can cook with xyz ingredients! 🙂 All I used for this omelette was 30g ham, 30g cheese and 3 eggs – voila! Served with 200g Tenderstem broccoli on the side and I had my healthy breakfast ready in 5 minutes. I don’t want anybody to tell me that they don’t have time to cook breakfast! 🙂

My lunch was a chicken burger from Leon since I was on the go, which was also my post-workout meal. The brioche bun is carbs, which are very needed after a heavy weight session. The chicken thigh in the burger might be slightly higher in fat, but it doesn’t come with skin and is mouth-wateringly juicy. All that served with a few pickles and rocket leaves and a tiny bit of aioli – to me, this is a wonderful post workout meal. 🙂

Good luck to everyone – post your photos on Instagram and tag me @raheltheamazon. Keep checking back here for meal ideas and recipes for more elaborate dishes!