IMG_5125You know that feeling on some mornings when you’re just not that hungry? Or maybe you struggled to get out of bed and don’t have time to cook your usual breakfast? 🙂

Don’t let that stress you out. Try to have a few bites of something protein rich like sliced ham or Greek yoghurt or simply have some fruit for healthy sugars. By all means DON’T make a full eggs benedict like I did one morning. Wayyyy too much work 😂

Here’s an “almost eggs benedict” – just the egg and asparagus with some hollandaise (no way did I make that sauce fresh ha ha, are you crazy? 😂). Hits the spot nicely and wakes up your metabolism and allows your body to regulate your blood sugars well so you don’t experience crashes and drops in energy. 👍🏼

Weird thing is that I’ve realised I just don’t like poached eggs! Or hollandaise sauce. 😂 Or maybe I just wasn’t hungry because I couldn’t quite finish the egg or the sauce. But I know lots of you love this dish so it was all worth it!


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