Maggi Chicken Teriyaki

I love this non stop sunshine, reminds me of summers back in Estonia when I was young. Although the winters were bitter and cold, the summers more than made up for it and you could enjoy gorgeous sunshine for the whole of the summer. The best part about it is actually being able to skip some days at the beach because you’re just too damn tired of sunshine and need to recharge your batteries at home.

Its also really good for housework, which I’ve been doing today. Nothing crazy, just going through drawers and wardrobes to tidy and sort through stuff to see if I can throw anything away it take to the charity shop. I do that often as since I moved to London in 2011; I always get rid of old clothes or books etc when I buy new ones so I wouldn’t drown in earthly possessions. I like a minimalist approach and goingIMG_1737 through the whole household to clear it up a bit is also very therapeutic. And you really work up an appetite while doing it just like I did today, which means I chose an easy dinner – Maggi Chicken Teriyaki.


  • Maggi’s Teriyaki seasoning mix
  • 600g chicken
  • 300g mushrooms
  • 1 red onion, sliced


Cook all ingredients together in a large skillet with 300ml water, mix thoroughly to allow the seasoning to evenly coat the chicken. Leave to stew until the sauce becomes sticky, stirring occasionally.

Although to me the mix tastes more Mexican and reminds me of fajitas (which I love), it’s still a lovely dish. This makes about 3 or 4 servings depending on how hungry everyone is.

As always, do remember the cruciferous green veg – choose your favourite and either steam it and have on the side or mix it in with your chicken and veg. Have fun with it!

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