I am on YouTube!

Have you seen my new YouTube video yet? If not then its likely because I only just launched the channel today – hurrah!

It is truly through popular demand that the channel came to be so I must thank everybody for pushing me to set time aside to make it happen. I have filmed already several videos worth of content, so it’s all going to be posted in due time.

In the meantime, I am leaving you with this silly-funny video of takeouts from a boxing session I had the other day with a client. There must have been something in the water as we couldn’t stop giggling and I managed to get over 5 minutes of jokes from our session! Editing it was a lot of fun – Silver helped me with a few clips and we were in fits of laughter. I hope we can make you laugh too!

I will be notifying all my followers across several platforms of whenever I upload a new video, but if you do Subscribe to my YouTube channel, you will receive a notification straight to your inbox. You can also keep an eye on my website as you will be able to spot my newest video right here on my home page (it will be in the sidebar on the right hand side). I will be posting both fitness and nutrition related content and am happy to discuss topics that you have asked about, so leave a comment on any platform and I will make sure I answer your question in one of my videos.

Wishing you all a successful new week!