CwtA Bristol, 4th February

Timetable: 12-5pm

Location: Starks Fitness, BS4 1UN

Cost: One workshop £90. Students/nurses: £67. Both dates (4th & 18th): £130.

12pm – Warm-up & Pullovers

We will start our day with the versatile pullover and its skill-specific drills will provide us with plenty of moves to warm up with. An energetic and powerful start to the workshop will cover one of the most sought after skills that allows a new calisthenics athlete to ‘unlock’ the high bar. Once you have access to the highest bars in the gym, you will be able to do dips, work on your elbow levers and build up your strength and courage to one day do shoulderstands and handstands at a height.

1pm – STC & German hang

From the pullover, we continue on to STC (skin-the-cat) since these two moves are so alike; it’s easier to use the cues and teachings of one skill to pick up the other. While pullovers can only be done on the bar, STC is accessible both on the bar and gymnastic rings. And where we have STC, we also have the German hang as these two go hand-in-hand. As everything in calisthenics is connected, these skills will prepare us for the second half of the workshop where we cover the big levers.

2pm – Dragon flag

To complete the preparatory first round of skills that are all challenging moves in their own right, we will also cover the dragon flag to really nail the core control needed for front and back levers and many other statics in calisthenics. This skill gives the most ‘bang for your buck’ as you are able to increase time under tension in an accessible yet transferable hold and to also perform reps & sets with resistance bands.

2:30-3pm – LUNCH BREAK

3pm – Back lever

After the break, it’s time to step up the intensity by moving on to the two big levers. For back lever, we will cover different grips on bar and rings for the most comfortable and safe hold for you based on your shoulder mobility. We will learn the controlled entry into back lever in the form of STC as previously practised and we will cover all stages from tuck to full lever with resistance bands and buddy work.

4pm – Front lever

To finish the day, we will approach the widely desired front lever with the same level of detail as the back lever. From tuck to full lever on bar and rings with the help of resistance bands, you will get plenty of practice time for this skill. Any time left over at the end will be spent covering request skills ahead of the second workshop on the 18th February.

5pm – finish

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