CwtA Bristol, 18th February

Timetable: 12pm-5pm

Location: Origin Athletic, BS1 4SB

Cost: One workshop £90. Students/nurses: £67. Both dates (4th & 18th): £130.

12pm – Pullovers for high bar dips & negative muscle-ups

We will cover: pullovers for access to high bar; dips for strength and technique and negative muscle-ups for technique work on both bar and rings.

12:45pm – Ring muscle-up & false grip work

We will cover: Muscle-up transition technique work, ring dips and L-sit pullups with the help of resistance bands plus bodyweight muscle-up technique and strength work on the floor.

1:30pm – Meathook & alien split

We will cover: Transitions and coordination work for both skills. Meathook strength work – core focused, alien split strength work – tips for safe splits and understanding the back lever.

2:30-3pm – LUNCH BREAK

3pm – L-sit to shoulderstand

We will cover: Shoulderstands and the L-sit transition into position for easy setup and flow on parallel bars. Those wishing to try L-sit to handstand, can also do so.

4pm – Handstands

We will cover: Alignment drills for easier holds – opening shoulders and learning to control the pelvis through hollow core position and PPT (posterior pelvic tilt). Kicking up and safe exits – partner/teacher assisted work to build up confidence for solo practice.

5pm – finish

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