CWTA Cambridge, 22nd October

Timetable: 10am-2pm

Location: TBC

Price for workshop: £90 (discounts and payment plans available)

10am – Introduction, warm-up and handstands

We will cover: core and shoulder warmup for the whole session. Handstand practice with and without wall, drills involving gymnastics rings, plyo boxes etc. Safe falling practice for confidence.

10:45am – Elbow levers and shoulderstands on parallettes

We will cover: Single and double elbow lever, shoulder stands; shoulder stand into elbow lever, L-sit to shoulder stand; safe falling practice.

11:15pm – human flag practice

We will cover: How to climb up/kick up into position. All stages from inverted tuck to the full human flag (incl half tuck, vertical flag, chamber hold, bent knee flag).

12pm-12:30pm – SHORT BREAK

12:30pm – ring muscle-up & bar muscle-up

Ring muscle-up: false grip, deep dips and high ring pull-ups with resistance bands, also L-sit dips & pull-ups plus full ring muscle-up transition work.

Bar muscle-up: false grip and half false grip; high pulls and bar muscle-ups with resistance bands plus bar dips.

1:15pm – back lever, front lever

We will cover: Different grips (x4) on bar and rings for the most comfortable and safe hold for you based on your shoulder mobility, controlled entry into back lever in the form of STC (skin-the-cat); all stages from tuck to full lever with resistance bands.

2pm – finish

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