Core Sliders

Core Sliders have been one of the least space-hogging pieces of equipment in my gym bag. They come with me on holiday and basically live in my backpack all year round and most of my clients also have a pair at their disposal, which we use for both upper and lower body conditioning.

For me, sliders are the best add-on to many moves, for example Zombie push-ups and slide-outs but what I also love using these to perform lunge and squat combos. This probably comes from years of experience when the handy little plates acted as an irreplaceable tool when it came to knee and ankle rehab for myself and my clients.

Sliders can be used on different surfaces, all you have to do is flip them over – smooth side down on carpet (remove the film before use) and image side down on slippery surfaces such as a wooden floor, tiles etc.

*For international orders, additional charges apply so we kindly ask you to place an order via email.

Core Sliders


Bands & Sliders

A bundle consisting of Glute Bands, Core Sliders and a full set of Latex Resistance Bands (in a branded drawstring bag). Comes with a complimentary tote bag for you to keep your equipment in.


Bands, Rings & Sliders

A bundle consisting of Gymnastic Rings, Core Sliders and Glute Bands (5 small bands in a drawstring bag). The bundle arrives with a complimentary tote bag for you to keep your equipment in.


‘The Amazon’ Full Kit

Ready to start your bodyweight training journey? Get yourself fully kitted out with the best equipment! Order comes in multiple parcels with two complimentary bags and care instructions to keep your kit safe and clean. *Best value for money.