London Workshops FAQ

Are the workshops suitable for beginners?

  • Yes, currently most workshops are suitable for beginners. I teach in a way that adapts movements and exercises to different skill levels and abilities. Some sessions can be more advanced in which case I will update everyone via my stories on Instagram.

How much are the workshops?

  • The 2hr workshops cost £35, 5hr workshops £90. You can book classes HERE.

I don’t train regularly, do I need to be assessed?

  • No, you won’t have to go through an assessment. We can have a chat before the class about your previous training experience or injuries (please arrive 10 minutes early to allow time for this) to make sure I provide appropriate options for you throughout the class and you will likely discover that you are stronger than you think. I have had first timers successfully do a vertical flag by the end of their first class!

Do I need to bring anything with me to class?

  • Just yourself, come as you are! Layers are a good idea in the spring and in the summer, water and electrolytes are very important to keep you hydrated. For some classes, having your own equipment is helpful but not required as I will have resistance bands or gymnastics rings with me when these are required.

What are the classes like?

  • Classes will be split between skill and strength work to allow for faster learning of new moves and to allow you to reasonably exert yourself and to take workout motivation with you for your solo practice at home or in the gym. The aim of calisthenics classes is not to make you tired and sweaty but to build optimal strength through healthy, controlled full range of movement. When learning new skills, I always incorporate aids (ie long resistance bands) into the practice to allow everybody from beginner to advanced to pick up new moves in the way that suits them best.

Will I fall behind if I don’t come every week?

  • Not at all! We are not following a set programme that runs from week to week but I will be drawing exercises and inspiration for sessions from a very long list of movements. I will rotate the moves to ensure those who have joined later don’t miss out on anything. There will be sessions that will focus on one main move and it’s accessory exercises (ie human flag and it’s skill specific drills), other sessions will be focusing on all the different pullups or dips or pressups etc. I will also encourage you to occasionally step out of your comfort zone, which means you might choose to alternate between beginners’ and intermediate classes.

How big are the classes and how early should I book?

  • There will be 8-12 people max depending on the skill taught. The minimum is 4 participants per session. Certain locations can get very popular so it’s wise to book up to a week ahead. Workshops are incredibly popular, so I highly encourage booking on early to avoid disappointment.

Is there a cancellation policy?

  • Indeed there is. Classes cancelled 24+ hours before the scheduled start time will return 100% of the fee. For workshops, the cancellation period is 48hrs. Payment will be forfeited for classes cancelled within 24 hour of the class start time and for workshops cancelled within 48hrs of start time.

Will I be filmed?

  • Only if you want to be. We regularly take clips of everyone’s achievements in classes so that you have videos to learn from at home or to share on your social media. At times, we film the full class for social media edits to bring calisthenics to more people. If you don’t wish to be filmed and/or your videos shared, please let me know at the beginning of the class.

What happens when it rains?

  • Sometimes we have to keep an eye on the weather forecast as we all know, UK weather is only predictable in its unpredictability. In these instances, we shall agree to do a weather check on the morning of the classes or in the afternoon, 1-2 hours prior to the evening sessions. If a class has to be cancelled due to a force majeure, all participants will be refunded their payment for the class.

How long is a calisthenics season?

  • Usually, calisthenics season runs from spring to autumn. Due to high interest and thanks to the wonderful participants of my calisthenics classes, I am likely to run the outdoor season till end of September.