CWTA Leeds, 29th Oct

Timetable: est 12pm start, TBC

Location: TBC

Price for workshop: £90 (discounts and payment plans available)

12pm – Handstands

Beginner to intermediate handstand practice on parallettes, gymnastics rings and plyo boxes. This included high kick-up practice and safe falling/exiting for building confidence in individual practice.

1pm – Backbends & scorpions

We will cover: Wheel & forearm wheel, dropbacks and other backbends to mobilise the spine for the optimal scorpion backbend. We will then work on scorpions on bar, gymnastic rings and also apply this skill to chinstands on floor and shoulderstands on parallettes.

2pm – Hip compression & splits

We will cover: Splits training with bands, olympic bar, on floor and against the wall. Alien split warmup and skill specific stretches to prepare for the split back lever practise after lunch.

2:30pm-3pm – LUNCH BREAK

3pm – Meathook & Alien Split

We will cover: Entry into both moves, different stages of progress and how to spare time and energy getting into more complicated holds.

3:30pm – Muscle-ups (ring & bar)

Ring muscle-up: false grip and deep dips with resistance bands, also L-sit dips & pull-ups plus full ring muscle-up transition work.

Bar muscle-up: false grip and half false grip; high pulls and bar muscle-ups with resistance bands plus bar dips.

4:30pm – Back lever, front lever

We will cover: Different grips on bar and rings for the most comfortable and safe hold for you based on your shoulder mobility, controlled entry into back lever in the form of STC; all stages from tuck to full lever with resistance bands.

5pm – finish

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