Resistance Bands

Are you looking to improve your pull-ups, push-ups or dips? Or do you wish to advance your training and bridge the gap to the notorious calisthenics moves? Resistance bands are just what you need.

Gymnastic Rings

A widely used piece of equipment in Calisthenics and Gymnastics. The famous gymnastic rings allow you to train using your own bodyweight. You can work on anything from elevated core exercises to a more challenging German Hang or even something as impressive as the Iron Cross.

Glute Bands

Possibly the most versatile equipment for any field of fitness, these latex bands will last you a long time and will assist your training, recovery and (p)rehab. With 5 different resistance levels, you will find the suitable band for each exercise.

Core Sliders

‘Small but mighty’ is the best way to describe these clever little workout aides. Sliders can be used for strengthening your core, arms and legs but they’re also extremely handy for stretching and mobility work. Lightweight and affordable, you can take these sliders with you on holiday and never miss a workout again.