How can I help?

Whether you are interested in just a few sessions to learn something new or to seriously start your fitness or weight loss journey, I have something for you.

Online sessions:

  • £80/hr single session
  • £65/hr x10 = £650

1:1 sessions:

  • £90/hr single session
  • £75/hr x10 = £750

2:1 sessions:

  • £110/hr single session
  • £95/hr x10 = £950

1:1 @ PT STUDIO ie WE11, Revival etc:

  • £120/hr single session
  • £100/hr x10 = £1000

Can’t find a suitable package for you? Use the Contact page to arrange a call back to discuss a quote tailored to suit your goals.

Perhaps you would like to save money and train with your friend(s) or partner? I also run 2:1 and 3:1 sessions in the gym and at the park. Small group sessions can be a lot of fun as a bit of friendly competition spurs everybody on; these sessions bring the best results for two or three people with similar fitness goals.