UK Workshops FAQ

I’ve only seen you teach outdoors, are the winter workshops indoors or outdoors?

All autumn and winter workshops will be 4-5hr indoor workshops. A minimum of 5 bookings per workshop are needed in the calendar to confirm a gym. If you would like to register ASAP but need to pay in instalments or if you are a student, please get in touch and we will sort everything out.

I can’t do pull-ups/push-ups, should I still come?

Absolutely, since these two exercises are not the prerequisite for most skills. There are many misconceptions about calisthenics, which is exactly why I started ‘CWTA’. This way more people are able to discover a variety of calisthenics moves that come more naturally to them without staying away due to fear of failure. I will help you discover your forte and you’ll see your skill repertoire increase almost immediately. I break down even the most difficult movements into manageable chunks that make skills accessible to all strength levels.

I feel I don’t have enough core strength for these crazy moves you do, is there any point in booking?

Absolutely! Calisthenics and strong core come hand in hand – while practising skills through simpler drills or by using resistance bands, you will be able to compensate for any weakness that you might have, and it is through practice that you will get stronger. I started running ‘CWTA’ to show people that they really can do what I do. I know it can be hard to believe but after 3 years and 350 participants, I have proven this fact over and over again and it makes me so happy! Besides, when I first started out, I wasn’t mega strong either.

What to expect?

There is a fair split between theory and practical parts. There will be pockets of time throughout the day where we will sit down to go over technique points before you move and try them out. You can take breaks as and when you need them so while you will move plenty, you won’t go home broken as it’s entirely up to you how much you’d like to participate physically. The sessions are longer to allow for everyone to pick up new technical skills, ask questions and interact with others in order to be able to train confidently on your own post-workshop.

How detailed are the workshops?

Over the years of coaching calisthenics, I have seen how much more successful people are when they’re given skill specific drills to work with. This means that I’m not going to tell you to do push-ups and pull-ups to get better and human flag because it simply doesn’t work this way. For example, for human flag practice, we need the components of our conditioning work to be relative to the skill. For human flag, you’ll benefit from incorporating everything from inverted balance holds and Copenhagen plank practice to solid foundational exercises such as bent over and seated rows.

How many skills will we be working on?

I encourage you to check the timetable specifically for each workshop but at the core they will all be fairly similar – we will cover some of the most desired movements of calisthenics such as handstands, muscle-ups (both ring and bar), front & back lever, human flag, shoulder stands and elbow levers, pullovers, skin-the-cat & German hang. Changes can be made to the timetable based on the requests of the group and any additional fun piece of equipment at the site of the workshop will also allow us to add in some extra moves simply for fun.

What will the day look like?

Most workshops will be 4-5 hour sessions on Saturdays with a 30-45-minute lunch break to replenish energy stores, rest and go again for round 2 in the afternoon. This means you can make a day out of it, fuel up the evening before and have a blast meeting new people and learning numerous new skills. As I mentioned before, you can choose to work or rest as much as you’d like to manage your energy levels throughout the day in a way that suits your best. If you’d rather only take part in the first or second part of the workshop, please get in touch and I will try to accommodate that request!

I’m afraid I won’t have the strength/stamina for these workshops, should I still book?

Absolutely, because these workshops are designed for beginners due to the simplicity of the drills and exercises that we will be using to prepare for the big skills. We start with smaller, foundational movements and add in more movements that get a little bit more challenging with each round and, all of a sudden, you’ll find yourself doing the actual move! I like to call this the “wax on, wax off” method.

I’m already working on some calisthenics skills, what can I look forward to?

For people with more experience, there’s still a lot to be gained from these workshops. We can all encounter a disconnect in our strength or a gap in knowledge where it suddenly might seem impossible to advance further. That’s where I come in as my methods for approaching calisthenics classic from a new angle have already helped hundreds of people. These workshops are also great for PTs who would like to incorporate more bodyweight variety into their clients training.

What do I need to bring?

Equipment – You won’t need to bring anything with you as all equipment will be provided either by the gym or myself. I will also be supplying chalk for our practice but feel free to bring your own if that is what you prefer. You can also pack a long resistance band or two for stretching and mobility, but I will have several on me for the group to use. You can also purchase equipment from me such as gymnastics rings and resistance bands; just let me know ahead of time what you’ve got your mind set on and I will hand deliver the goodies on the day of the workshop!

Clothing – Wear your favourite gym kit, something that allows you to move freely and isn’t too restricting. Since some of the workshops will be taking place in the colder season, layers are a good idea so you can be comfortable in any temperature and can remove or add layers based on whether you’re actively participating or resting. If in doubt, message me and I will advise you on what’s best.

Food & drinks – I encourage you to pack food and bring water or your favourite sports drink for your convenience. Many venues will be in busy cities or towns so you’ll be able to pop out for lunch, but some locations will be more remote and you’ll benefit from having snacks with you.

I’m a student/nurse/on low income and I would really like to join. Do you offer any discounts or can I pay in instalments?

The answer is: “Yes.” to both. I wish for more people to find calisthenics and for calisthenics to find more people, so please get in touch and we’ll have you starting your cali journey very soon!