Bespoke fitness services for a new you.

Innovative Approach

Rahel combines a decade of experience in strength and conditioning with the superhuman skills of calisthenics to help you reach new heights in physical fitness.

Bespoke training programme teamed with nutrition knowledge available only to top athletes will have you improving your energy and performance level in the gym and in everyday life.

Unlock The Next Level

Personalised Training & Nutrition

We are all unique and Rahel understands the importance of an individualised programme to help her clients excel in training and nutrition. Whether you wish to improve your flexibility, strength or learn new skills, your Personal Training experience will be tailored just for you.

Individuals wishing to improve their health through good nutrition will be taken on an empowering journey to intuitive eating. Rahel puts all her expertise to work with those who are interested in improving their quality of life and the knowledge gained from Nutrition Coaching will allow you to make the right dietary decisions for the rest of your life.

Discover Your True Strength

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Rahel the Amazon

Rahel is a L4 MRSPH Nutritionist and Personal Trainer specialising in calisthenics and strength training. She also accepts clients requiring sports rehab and post-stroke physical rehab.


(+44) 7427 741152