Have you tried to lose weight but to no avail?

Whether you’d like to learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle, eat well for better energy or weight loss, I can help you. In just 8 weeks I can transform the way you think about food and help you switch to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. No crash diets, no deprivation diets – this will be the new You!

We will meet once a week to go over your weekly goals, set new ones and talk about anything on your mind. I will remain available to be contacted via call/SMS/e-mail between appointments so you could ask me any immediate questions. If you don’t live in London, don’t despair – the bonus of Nutrition Coaching is the ability to hold online check-up sessions over Skype, so it’s as if you can take me with you even when you go away on holiday!

Being a Nutritionist doesn’t just mean dropping numbers on the scale, it’s about life coaching as well. By changing our relationship with food we can change our whole life for the better. Nowadays it’s all about the latest fad diets and losing X kg weight in Z amount of days. While you might be able to lose some weight, it is always through an unsustainable method like deprivation and exclusion diets where certain food groups are forbidden OR you’re running on a very low overall energy intake. That means when you come off said ‘diet’, you’re quite likely to regain the weight lost and put on some more due to stress and damage to your metabolism and hormones. You might have heard of 1000-1200kcal diets. But did you know that most of us have a BMR of at least 1200-1300? BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate and represents the calories burned through rest alone, so how are we expected to even function and go about our daily business? A very low caloric intake impairs brain function, affects hormone levels and weakens our immune system. That sounds far from desirable, right? That’s why I’m so passionate to share the knowledge and educate you to help you optimise your nutrition.

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