Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching isn’t only about helping Clients drop numbers on the scale or build more muscle, it’s about life coaching. By changing our relationship with food, we can improve our life quality. Rahel’s approach is kind yet effective, allowing You to make gradual changes to Your lifestyle. In as little as 8-12 weeks Rahel will transform the way You think about food and help transition to a sustainable, healthy way of living. No crash diets and no deprivation – this will be the new You.

Nutrition Coaching is the most convenient way for anyone to achieve their goals, especially busy individuals who need to prioritise their time. You will dial in to weekly 1:1 video or audio calls to discuss progress, adjust targets and set new ones. Rahel will remain reachable to you via call/SMS/e-mail between appointments for any urgent questions.

The foundation packages:

  • Food diary analysis & feedback – 7-day food diary analysis + detailed and personalised calorie and macronutrient goals for weight loss/maintenance/weight gain – £120.
  • 2 Month Intensive – Ongoing food diary analysis + adjustable calorie and macronutrient goals + support via WhatsApp/text + 8 weekly 1:1 accountability check-ins (30min sessions) – £650.
  • Full Phase 1 – Ongoing food diary analysis + adjustable calorie and macronutrient goals + support via Whatsapp/text + 12 weekly 1:1 accountability check-ins (30min sessions) – £850.

Contact Rahel for a quote as nutrition is personal and so should be the package.

Nutrition Coaching helps you make gradual, tried and tested changes to your lifestyle with the reassurance of weekly check-ins for accountability and support. Rahel’s Nutrition Coaching clients are often new mothers or busy professionals wanting to prioritise their health and young athletes seeking to optimise performance both through optimised training and nutrition.

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