Cali with the Amazon

In 2023, ‘Cali with the Amazon’ continues in full force both in the UK and abroad – calisthenics and fitness retreats are finally here!

After our wonderful experience in Portugal, I will be holding my next retreat in Spain in October 2023 and more details will be shared very soon! To be the first to know when bookings go live, do express your interest by leaving me your details here. This retreat will be a wonderful opportunity to work on developing your new calisthenics skills and full body strength (we won’t leave out leg sessions!) while eating all the healthy food and enjoying uplifting activities to really make your stay memorable. You can also keep an eye on my Instagram page for more information!

Until then, you will find me teaching classes each week in London:

TUESDAYS – 6-7pm @ Paddington Recreation Ground

SATURDAYS – 10-12pm @ Paddington Recreation Ground

SUNDAYS – 10-12pm @ Primrose Hill Calisthenics Park

CLICK HERE to book your CWTA experience!

*Class schedule may slightly vary from week to week. Check the calendar on the link above for class locations on your requested date.

Not sure if you are ready for a full class? That’s okay! Once a month, I hold free meets in various calisthenics parks across London. If you’d like to join, do register your attendance on the calendar and come along to meet me and other participants. Everyone will be coming together to socialise, to work on different skills and to have a great time. These sessions usually run for 2 hours.

To get all your questions answered, you can consult the Calisthenics Classes FAQ or Calisthenics Workshops FAQ.