I am a member of UK Coaching and hold a full Personal Trainer/Sport, Recreation and Leisure Liability Insurance. I’m constantly learning as I believe it’s very important to stay up to date and to stay on top of personal development as a health and fitness professional to bring one’s clients the best quality service. Here’s a list of the relevant courses I have attended and qualifications gained. I have omitted items from this list that are no longer relevant to my career as a Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer.

Sept 2011 – Level 2 Exercise to Music (Lifetime Training)

Sept 2012 – Level 2 Fitness Instructor (Lifetime Training)

A/W 2012-13 – Level 3 Personal Trainer diploma (Lifetime Training)

2014-17 – Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management (Future Fit)

Sept 2016 – Pre and Post Natal CPD (Lifetime Training)

May 2017 – Lecture on Acute Knee Injuries with Mr. Ian McDermott

Apr-June 2017 – Nutrition for Sport and Exercise (Future Fit)

July-Aug 2017 – Behaviour Change Coaching in Nutrition (Future Fit)

Oct 2017 – Food Allergies and Intolerances (The Health Sciences Academy)

Sept-Oct 2017 – Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention (Future Fit)

Oct 2017 – Eat To Gain masterclass with Heather Oakes, 3x British Championships winner in Figure/Bodybuilding.

Oct-Dec 2017 – Pregnancy and Nutrition (Future Fit)

May-June 2019 – Nutrition for Older Adults (Future Fit)

June-July 2019 – Vegans, Vegetarians and Plant Based Diets (Future Fit)

July 2019 – Programming Meal Planning for Special Populations (Future Fit)

Nov-Dec 2019 – Level 4 MRSPH* Nutritionist Diploma (Future Fit in association with RSPH)

*MRSPH – Member of the Royal Society for Public Health

I am happy to provide proof of my qualifications in person upon request.