Resistance Bands

How strong are the bands?

You’ll need different resistance bands for different moves and at different stages of your fitness journey. Red and black band can be used for stretching and for moves and exercises that you need less help with. Purple and green band will give you a bigger boost and are perfect for achieving great control of those cool new moves you’re working on and soon you’ll find yourself levelling up your skills with ease. Scroll down to read about the difference between PVC and Latex bands.

Resistance level:
Red band15-35lbs
Black band30-60lbs
Purple band40-80lbs
Green band50-125lbs

Which bands do I need?

The prices below are inclusive of postage and packaging. All products will be shipped via Royal Mail ‘Tracked 48’ to leave a smaller carbon footprint. If you require a faster delivery or if you wish to pick up your equipment in person in class, please get in touch before making your purchase.

Both full resistance band sets include a red, black, purple and green band and a handy bag to store the bands in. When purchasing any equipment bundles, you also receive a tote bag.

NEW! Latex Bands, set of 4

4 Latex resistance bands varying from 15lbs to 125lbs of resistance. These bands are from natural latex, which is dense, therefore these heavy-duty bands are perfect for calisthenics skills such as muscle-ups, human flag, front/back lever, planche etc. The set comes in a branded bag. *All bundles in the store include the latex bands.


PVC Bands, set of 4

4 PVC resistance bands varying from 15lbs to 125lbs of resistance. These bands are from a softer rubber, therefore extremely durable and perfect for calisthenics conditioning: pullups, push-ups, leg raises, V-sit etc. The set comes in a branded bag. *These bands are not included in any bundles in the store.


Rings & Bands

Gymnastic Rings plus a full set of Latex resistance bands (4 levels of resistance, in a drawstring bag), comes in two deliveries and with a large complimentary tote bag for you to keep your equipment in.


‘The Amazon’ Full Kit

Ready to start your bodyweight training journey? Get yourself fully kitted out with the best equipment! Order comes in multiple parcels with two complimentary bags and care instructions to keep your kit safe and clean. *Best value for money.


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