Fatimah H.

“Attending the Calisthenics classes this summer has been one of the best decisions I made. I was a bit hesitant to join at first but after meeting Rahel and the amazing group of ladies, I was so glad I went ahead with it.

The classes have been such a great experience, so informative yet fun and I have learnt so many new exercises such as Dragon flag, Skin the Cat and progressed onto learning the Human flag. (I also went from not being able to lift myself off the ground to now doing 5 pushups unassisted!!) Not only have I learnt these skills but also beneficial lessons that I can apply in other aspects of my life.

Rahel is a true inspiration for me; she has pushed me to my personal level and given me the confidence I needed. It’s honestly impressive how much I’ve improved within 2 months and I cannot wait to be back for the outdoor classes next year!”