Jon M.

“Having put on a few pounds during lockdown I looked into ways to feel a little more body positive. A friend recommended Rahel for her knowledge and experience in Nutrition Coaching.

After an hour introduction chat where we discussed goals and a little background on each other I signed up to a 13 week course. We set up calorie targets against my goals, tracked everything in an app and did weekly coaching calls to run through how the previous week had been, discussed progress and made changes along the way.

Working with Rahel has been a pleasure, she has so much knowledge to share on diet and nutrition and is always full of energy and life. I’ve been educated on food and found a balanced diet in which I eat more but managed to lose weight at a faster pace than I had hoped for. I feel healthier, I’m much slimmer and my skin has improved.

In 13 weeks working with Rahel I’ve dropped 7.8kg and currently at a weight I’ve not been at for 25 years.

I am extremely happy with the results we’ve achieved. I’d highly recommend Rahel to anyone who might be interested in the Nutrition Coaching.”