Mahshid K.

“I have been training with Rahel since April, when I was watching her calisthenics moves I never thought I would be able to do any of these movements, but after only few months I can do so many of moves, being able to be upside down, doing skin the cat which is my favourite. She is not only train us perfectly but also give us all the small tips and tricks. After my baby was born my abs was not as strong as before, lock down made me very down, but this class was just fun with learning new skills, having stronger upper body, stronger abs and me as a woman I am more confident that the gender in callisthenics does not matter. I highly recommend Rahel to whoever are looking for someone knowledgeable and professional to help them to have a fun, productive and smooth callisthenics and body transformation journey.
Thanks for helping me to overcome my fear Rahel xx”