Marion L

Rahel has been training me for 8 years and I hope she will continue to do so for the next 8, and more.  She is an essential part of my life and my most important investment. I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been.  In the last six months, Rahel has excelled in two special objectives for me.  The first was my 70th birthday, when she created a specific diet and exercise regime that meant I stepped on to the dance floor in a fabulously fitting dress, and boogied the night away, occasionally being flung through the air by my reckless son.  Not only that, Rahel came shopping with me, and when I tried on the dress, a man sitting on the pouffes for bored partners outside the dressing rooms exclaimed, ‘That’s the one!’ And applauded.  Result!

The second plan was a skiing holiday, only booked a month in advance.  Rahel’s sessions focussed on leg exercises, as a result of which I skied at a pretty good pace for long runs without stopping or tiring and had absolutely no muscular problems.  I was frankly surprised to realise that I had more stamina on the pistes than I had when I was ten years younger.

Rahel, you are brilliant.  And I am incredibly grateful for everything you’ve done for me. Long may we go on training together!