Marion L.

“Rahel has been training me twice a week on my sitting room floor for three years. I can honestly say I have never been stronger and fitter in my whole life – and I am 65. I hate gyms and had lacked any motivation to exercise before, but now I am proud and rather amazed by what she has helped me achieve. Training with Rahel is always a varied sequence of different exercises which keep every session interesting. Legs, arms, abs, cardio – boxing, weights, ball balancing. She’s always coming up with new combinations. Twinges in specific muscles are expertly managed. I had a troublesome elbow which has disappeared. She is more knowledgeable than many a physio and has taught me a lot about how my muscular system works. That understanding is very empowering.
She is a wise friend, an inspirational teacher and a great motivator. A few days ago, little old granny – me – was in the Ionian Sea, hauling in the anchor of a 50 foot ketch. The electric windlass had cut out. (Sailors will know how much strength that needs.). In my bikini. I couldn’t possibly have done either without Rahel’s skills.”