Ham & Courgette Fry Up


  • 1 courgette
  • 3 rashers of smoked back bacon
  • 1 spring onion
  • chilli flakes


Spiralise and steam the courgette (2-3 mins in the microwave) and set aside. Cut the bacon into bite sized strips and fry in a little olive oil or spray oil. Once the courgette is ready, pour it onto the pan and mix with bacon. Chop up a green onion and add to the pan, sprinkle red chilli flakes, give it one last stir and serve. The whole dish is ready in about 5-7 minutes, making it a perfect breakfast or a quick snack or meal when in a rush.

Tip: For a larger and even more filling meal, you can also add pesto during cooking and grate some Parmesan on top when serving.

Energy: 279kcal, 28g protein, 13g fat, 5g carbs – when cooking with 1kcal spray.

NB: If using olive oil, remember that 1 tbsp equals 120kcal and contains 13g fat. That total energy would come to 397kcal, 28g protein, 26g fat, 5g carbs.

2 thoughts on “Ham & Courgette Fry Up

  1. Happy Valentines Day ! Hope you are well 😊

    I’m just getting ready to go on a 4.5 hour hike.


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    1. Hi Paul, Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂 I’m great, thank you! Ooh, I bet you’re well prepared for the hike – whereabouts are you headed? I hope you’ll see a bit of sunshine today, it would make this Sunday lovely! Rx

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