I’m copying my client’s diet: the experiment! Days 6 & 7!

MONDAY, 31/07

6:10am – I’m up early again. One of the silver linings of this week has been the fact that my sleep patterns have finally normalised. Since returning from the Maldives I had very restless sleep. I could never figure out why.

8am – I finally get out of bed to carry on with packing. Two days to go, I don’t care what the day throws at me – I can do this!

10am – Tina texts me that she no longer has time to prepare eggs and bacon for breakfast. She’s going to have two slices of buttered toast with coffee in 20 minutes. I tell her that’s cool and get back to packing. 15 minutes later I realise I have to get ready as well and a mad dash around the house starts. All that’s missing is the Benny Hill theme song. Surprisingly, both Silver and myself are fed and dressed and ready to leave in 15 minutes. Go me!

12:30pm – I arrive at my new flat and discover that it has not been cleaned. I worry for the wellbeing of the estate agent whose head I am going to bite off since I’m not just angry, I’m hangry.

1pm – Tina texts me that she’s having a ham and cheese sandwich with coffee. That could not have come at a better time. Silver and I head to lunch. The estate agent will get to live another day.

2pm – After lunch and a few phone calls, things are looking a bit better and we head home to pack.

5:30pm – Tina texts me that she’s going to be going out for dinner again. She tells me what she’s having so I could plan in advance.

7:30pm – I finish packing and throw some frozen chips with cheddar in the oven. I am mind numbingly hungry and I’m slurring my speech so much for my Instagram videos that I decide it best to not post anymore tonight. I eat about 150-200g chips and 100g fine beans. I leave a bit left as i can’t finish it all.

11pm – still up and so hungry. I’m seriously considering eating something naughty and not telling anybody. No one would know, right? I would. I stop myself and drink more water. I swear I can hear water sloshing around in my stomach.

1am – bedtime. One more day to go!

CALORIES: 1214kcal.

TUESDAY, 01/08.

6:30am – final day!!! I feel great and that I can tackle anything this day throws at me.

7:15am – I’m (not so surprisingly) hungry. I have a shower for breakfast.

7:52am – Tina texts me – coffee time! So excited. I can’t wait to grab a coffee and then leisurely walk to my first client.

8:45am – I get a soy Americano from Starbucks – Tina would be proud (although she’s probably just having normal coffee at home – what has my life become?!). Tina has told me she will be training from 10 and I can expect some food after that – I let out a silent squeal. Exciting!

11:40am – I ask Tina if she’s having anything yet. She blames me for not having any eggs in the house because I advised her to have two eggs for lunch on Thursday. I know, I’m a monster. ๐Ÿ˜„ She’s going to have an apple with peanut butter. Where am I supposed to get peanut butter from in the middle of Shepherd’s Bush? ๐Ÿ˜ฉ ย I head to my next client and grudgingly have to miss out on the snack completely.

2:10pm – my phone is on 7% battery and I send Tina a heads up that if she won’t be eating before my phone dies then I shall just go and get myself something. I mean, this experiment is fun but it’s not worth dying over. She says she’s heading to central and will stop at a Nero for a coffee and something. My phone is on 2%.

2:30pm – I can’t wait any longer, I’ve had nothing but a coffee since I woke up. I take the term “coffee and something” very loosely and order a scone with jam and clotted cream from Nero. What? It’s been a dream of mine for a week! Plus, if I get this out of the way today then I can switch back to my controlled eating tomorrow without a need for a cheat meal. I feel a wide smile appearing on my face. I somehow feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. Well, to be fair, I have. The food jackpot with only one player. You should try it, the chances of winning are brilliant.

5pm – I finally get my hands on my power bank and charge my phone again. I immediately start to enter my foods and to my shock and surprise discover that my lunch adds up to a whopping 703kcal. I would normally have this guilt free, once a week with tea, usually with Silver on a Saturday morning. I might have to move any scones to the post workout window. Scone – 287kcal, clotted cream (40g) – 234kcal, jam (30g) – 100g. Shocking!

6pm – Tina and I end up having a completely ex prompt dinner at a chicken shop in Shepherd’s Bush. She’s very kindly asked me what I’d like and I could not hide my uncontrollable craving for a Fanta and some chicken and veg. We have a great time analysing the week’s experiment and discussing other plans. (I can’t give anything away just yet.) We laugh like maniacs as we discover that Tina finds the lemon and herb chicken spicy. This is going to provide jokes for weeks to come. ๐Ÿ˜„ Great meal (matching obviously), great energy – wonderful conclusion for this week! We agree that we can eat anything we want tonight to celebrate my 7 days of suffering being over.

9:30pm – I’m having a huge slice of takeaway pizza (didn’t take me long, did it?) and eat half of the cheesecake I bought on Sunday. No regrets. I drink some lemonade – life is good. Tomorrow I’m going to be back on it to see how quickly I can reverse the changes of this week! (But first, measurements for comparison.)
It’s been mental but so much fun. I’ve learned so much as a PT and as an individual, I’m so happy I came to this idea as I feel like I’ve had a premonition. ๐Ÿ˜„ I have never gone to such lengths for a client before but I’m so glad I did! โค๏ธ I understand her so much more now.

11pm – time for bed. Tina and I are training tomorrow morning so I need to be as fresh as a daisy! Let’s look at what I ate today:

MY CALORIES: 1295kcal (up until dinner)

TINA’S CALORIES – 674kcal (up until dinner)

Our calories after dinner? Who knows!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

See you tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled! ๐Ÿ˜ณ