I’m copying my client’s diet: the experiment! Day 5/7

Sunday, 30/07

6am – I’m both pleased and surprised I’m up so early as I have a lot to do. I feel awfully bloated, retaining water and full of air. I also feel full but the uncomfortable feeling tops everything. I know the way I’m feeling is necessary for this experiment as this is exactly what I set out to show, but still I’m so annoyed with myself for starting to put on bodyfat. No one likes to gain weight. ❤️

8am – a very welcome good morning text from Tina. She’s having coffee and will be eating breakfast at 11. That’ll work nicely – I’m not hungry yet and the coffee will keep me going until then. Also, it will give me energy for packing. I notice I no longer get the jittery reaction to coffee like I did on day 1 and 2. My body has adjusted to my new caffeine intake. I’m surprised it happened so quickly.

10am – I’m busy with packing but still can’t help but notice the cake I made yesterday. I’m not hungry but I would love to have some – how does that even make sense?

11am – breakfast time! 2 eggs and 2 slices of toast plus another coffee. I feel like I’m being spoiled. After three days of no breakfast you learn to not expect much. I’ve lowered my standards. 😄 I end up faffing about with Instagram videos to get some fresh emotions off my chest. My food is cold by the time I get to eat it. Still yummy.

1:45pm – my morning passes packing up books and clothes. I get ready to go to Kingston to get my nails done. I secretly hope Tina won’t eat or drink anything while I’m in there as I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on anything anyway.

2:30pm – after cheering for the cyclists in Kingston a little, we enter the nail salon. I hope I don’t fall asleep.

4:30pm – done at the nail salon, still no food. I text Tina to see if there’s any hope for a little snack.

5:15pm – Tina confirms there won’t be any food until 7:30, I accept my cruel hard fate. She then reconsiders and we agree on a tea – yasss!

5:30pm – I’m home, I rush to make the tea before I get changed. Priorities. (All jokes aside, I need to normalise my blood sugar before I can carry on with my tasks as I already know I would get irritable and distracted rather quickly.) Normally I need a scone with my tea to feel this sort of happiness. I must be in a frail state of mind.

5:30pm – Tina fills me in on what we’re having for dinner. Chicken wings and chicken roast dinner. I almost squeal from excitement! A meal that has the potential to be so wonderfully balanced, albeit a bit high in salt, yet has all three macronutrients groups and a decent amount of vegetables.

7:30pm – we’ve encountered some difficulties. The restaurant Tina is in has run out of both chosen foods. She opts for chicken goujons and chicken escalope instead. I’m proud of her because she recognises the lower nutritional value of these foods, but there’s not much choice.

8pm – more difficulties. I arrive at the pub I was going to visit only to find out they no longer do roast (what do you mean?!) and the rest of the menu is all fancy schmancy. No, I don’t want a chicken and pear salad or pork and figs – wth? I want the good stuff. 😳

8:45pm – I end up in Cau. I scanned their menu online and found chicken parmigiana, which is pretty much what a chicken escalope is. Maple syrup chicken wings for starters (warmup for food) and I feel a bit guilty as I know Tina would have loved these. I also order a Pinot Grigio and a sprite.

9:15pm – wings arrive and they are to die for. I quickly look around in case anybody is eyeing my food as I wouldn’t hesitate to protect them and growl loudly. I am famished by now.

9:30pm – main meal arrives and it looks great. It all goes down really well and I take my time eating it. It’s the first time during these 5 days that I’m not actually ravenous. My blood sugars have levelled thanks to the entree and I can really enjoy this dish.

10pm – I eat slowly and feel full by the time I finish. I finish my wine and feel ok. Apart from feeling like I’ve just had a business lunch with Silver (really late at night), I feel content. I’m not impatient nor ratty. That nice person is still inside me somewhere.

10:30pm – we’re home and I have to stick to the promise and have a cider since I didn’t want to have another glass of wine at Cau. I start to add up calories. The alcohol is making me feel sleepy and I’m ready for bed. I also feel more bloated by the minute. I know that if I go to bed now I’ll store all food eaten as fat. Although that is already likely to happen due to alcohol consumption with my meal.

***Fat burning switches off as alcohol enters the body. Make sure you read the conclusion blogs at the end of this experiment to find out about all the dos and donts.

TOTAL CALORIES: 2025kcal (I estimate an extra ~200kcal for Tina due to the breaded entree plus sauces used)

BREAKFAST: 338kcal.

DINNER: 1621kcal, out of which DRINKS: 510kcal.

***Wine glasses at restaurants are often twice as big as normal wine glasses therefore it is easy to consume twice as many units without realising. A 250ml glass of wine can be anywhere between 2.8 and 3.5 units. Two glasses would make 5.6 to 7 units a night. Three nights in a row can be between 15 to 21 units. The recommended weekly max is 14 units for both men and women. I normally drink a single cider or wine spritzer once every 5 months or so and now I have drank a week’s worth of alcohol in three days. I feel awful both physically and mentally. I don’t want to promote drinking but I needed to do this for the results. Alcohol is empty calories and forces the body to store bodyfat. It also increases water retention for a few days after consuming. To consume such great amounts of alcohol, one would have to take a break between two nights out so the body can process the calories and deal with the aftermath of a night out. ❤️

5/7 – two days to go. This is easy!