I’m copying my client’s diet: the experiment! Day 4/7

Saturday, 29/07

6:06am – I wake up as if something woke me. I don’t mind, I’ve had a good night’s sleep and it’s sunny outside. I’m still full from last night and I feel pretty much like myself plus slight bloating and water retention. I almost regret training yesterday as no doubt my muscles will have soaked up a lot of the carbs and alcohol from yesterday. I won’t be training until Wednesday now so the results will be more accurate from here on.

8am – a text from Tina that she’s soon heading to breakfast. I like the sound of that, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I’m in no rush as I’m still feeling full.

9:30am – Tina has just had breakfast so Silver and I get a move on and go to Kingston.

10am – we head to my favourite little cafe in Kingston. I know I can ask them to make me a special breakfast because I’ve been going there for 6 years. I order a slice of toast, bacon and baked beans. They’re very kind and bring me 2 toasts, 3 rashers of bacon and a huge plate of beans. I have to stick to the plan and grudgingly leave the food I’m not supposed to eat. Silver eats the extra bacon for me. Teamwork!

10:45am – just waiting for Silver to finish his food while I drink my Americano. I’m secretly enjoying the fact that coffee in small cafes is usually less strong than at chain shops. I really don’t want to get shaky and weird and irritable again. I’m in a good mood and my brain is working a mile a minute as I plan my next few days of packing and moving activities. I’m glad I finished my course on Monday. The low carb days would have made it impossible to get any work done.

11:45am – we’re back home. I have nothing to do so I plan to start watching DVDs to keep myself occupied. As always, I’m in the dark about the timing of the next meal.

12pm – (I have to talk about bowel movements) first and only #2 of the day.

1pm – checking in with Tina to see how her day is going. I ask her jokingly if it’s time to crack open the champagne yet but she says she’s driving. Foiled again. (That’s a joke, btw.)

4pm – I’m starting to get hungry. I think Tina hates me and post an overly dramatic clip on my story, so she quickly confirms she doesn’t. She tells me dinner is at 7:30pm and let’s me in on what we’re having. Chicken fajitas – score!

5pm – I’m starting to get ratty again. Thank goodness I’ve been at home all day. Although wasting my time just wishing the hours away, at least I haven’t had to commute and dodge people on the streets – I would have lost my temper a long time ago. I wonder how Tina still hasn’t eaten and send her a text. She says she’s had a busy day and didn’t get a chance.

5:45pm – I start to prepare a cake with the blackberries I picked from my garden earlier. I know I won’t be able to have any but it will keep me distracted until it’s time to cook and eat dinner. I make a plan to freeze the cake later to eat next week.

6:40pm – cake comes out of the oven and smells amazing. I can smell it all I like, I won’t get to eat any. Silver has a slice and although slightly wary at first because I used desiccated coconut, he then finishes it and wants more.

7:40pm – the fajitas are ready. A perfectly healthy, balanced meal. Two tortillas, lean chicken breast and peppers and onions – that’s a nutritious meal. Bravo! I haven’t eaten for nine hours at this point. You touch my food, you’re going to lose a limb.

8pm – I inhale the food and feel like I’m still hungry. I know it’s because I’ve eaten too quickly and not given a chance for my body to register the amount eaten yet. I sit and contemplate eating the cake I’ve baked and just saying F it. I want to eat EVERYTHING. I have Pringles in the cupboard and I hear them calling my name. I know I won’t feel any better even if I eat them so I ignore their call. They sound disappointed.

9pm – Tina is having her second glass of red wine – I have some catching up to do. I run out of Zinfandel and carry on with a Rekorderlig cider.

10pm – I am full of air like a helium balloon. I feel very uncomfortable and am unable to hold my stomach in. This is all proving a bit much for my body for today so it’s fighting back. I don’t think I’ve actually digested any of the food as my stomach looks distended like I’m 5-6 months pregnant.

10:30pm – I’m going to bed. As I lie down, I can feel the uncomfortable weight of the food and drink in my stomach and can almost still taste all the food eaten. I don’t hear any noises from my stomach – the food is just sitting there. I wonder how I’m going to feel by tomorrow morning. My digestion seems to have slowed down considerably, despite the healthy meal I had.


Breakfast – ~330kcal

Dinner – 658kcal (I had to double check this one as I thought it would have been more)

FOOD: 988kcal

+ Drinks – 470kcal

TOTAL: 1458kcal.

Three days to go. I can do this.