Tomato Garlic Salmon

INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Fillet the fish, season with salt and pepper and fry on medium heat for 2 minutes on either side. Then mix together tomatoes, garlic and capers and pour the mixture over the salmon to cook for a further 4-5 minutes. Meanwhile blanch the asparagus or steam it for a couple of minutes atContinue reading “Tomato Garlic Salmon”

Cod Mayonnaise

INGREDIENTS: 200g cod loin 30g Hellman’s Light 1 pot of cress INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat the oven to 205°C, which is the optimal temperature for baking cod. Pat down cod fillets with a kitchen towel to remove any excess water. Place cod fillets on a foil lined baking tray or in an uncovered glass dish, season withContinue reading “Cod Mayonnaise”