Salbitxada Steak Salad

INGREDIENTS: SALBITXADA SAUCE: INSTRUCTIONS: Rub the steak with some olive oil and the paprika. Heat the pan over a high heat. Cook the steak about 2 minutes on each side for medium-rare, 2,5- 3 minutes for medium, or a few minutes more for thicker steaks then rest under foil for 5-10 minutes. Griddle the asparagusContinue reading “Salbitxada Steak Salad”

King Prawn Skewers

INGREDIENTS: DRESSING: INSTRUCTIONS: Prepare the dressing from olive oil, lemon juice and oregano in a small bowl and set aside. Slice up the courgettes, quarter the onions and cut the bell pepper into bite sized squares. You’ll need some bamboo sticks to grill; in case of cooking over an open flame, soak the sticks quicklyContinue reading “King Prawn Skewers”