“I contacted Rahel via Instagram as I gained a bit of weight during lockdown and I needed someone to motivate me with healthy eating while teaching me about nutrition.

She’s been amazing since day 1 and during these first four weeks I didn’t even feel like I was on a diet! She gave me so much valuable knowledge on intuitive eating and on the best foods for fat loss – and on top of that I lost more than 2 kg in four weeks!

Rahel, thank you for your help, I’m looking forward to working with you again soon :)”

Elisabetta B.

“Having put on a few pounds during lockdown I looked into ways to feel a little more body positive. A friend recommended Rahel for her knowledge and experience in Nutrition Coaching.

After an hour introduction chat where we discussed goals and a little background on each other I signed up to a 13 week course. We set up calorie targets against my goals, tracked everything in an app and did weekly coaching calls to run through how the previous week had been, discussed progress and made changes along the way.

Working with Rahel has been a pleasure, she has so much knowledge to share on diet and nutrition and is always full of energy and life. I’ve been educated on food and found a balanced diet in which I eat more but managed to lose weight at a faster pace than I had hoped for. I feel healthier, I’m much slimmer and my skin has improved.

In 13 weeks working with Rahel I’ve dropped 7.8kg and currently at a weight I’ve not been at for 25 years.

I am extremely happy with the results we’ve achieved. I’d highly recommend Rahel to anyone who might be interested in the Nutrition Coaching.”

Jon M.

“I have been training with Rahel since April, when I was watching her calisthenics moves I never thought I would be able to do any of these movements, but after only few months I can do so many of moves, being able to be upside down, doing skin the cat which is my favourite. She is not only train us perfectly but also give us all the small tips and tricks. After my baby was born my abs was not as strong as before, lock down made me very down, but this class was just fun with learning new skills, having stronger upper body, stronger abs and me as a woman I am more confident that the gender in callisthenics does not matter. I highly recommend Rahel to whoever are looking for someone knowledgeable and professional to help them to have a fun, productive and smooth callisthenics and body transformation journey.
Thanks for helping me to overcome my fear Rahel xx”

Mahshid K.

“I started Rahel’s cali classes this summer outdoors and found them and her to be incredible. I have learned so much about calisthenics and myself during these sessions. Rahel is inspiring, incredibly supportive and knows exactly how and when to push a student to go the extra mile. I and the group have been able to achieve way beyond our expectations through the belief and encouragement of this excellent teacher. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Sophie M.

“Attending the Calisthenics classes this summer has been one of the best decisions I made. I was a bit hesitant to join at first but after meeting Rahel and the amazing group of ladies, I was so glad I went ahead with it.

The classes have been such a great experience, so informative yet fun and I have learnt so many new exercises such as Dragon flag, Skin the Cat and progressed onto learning the Human flag. (I also went from not being able to lift myself off the ground to now doing 5 pushups unassisted!!) Not only have I learnt these skills but also beneficial lessons that I can apply in other aspects of my life.

Rahel is a true inspiration for me; she has pushed me to my personal level and given me the confidence I needed. It’s honestly impressive how much I’ve improved within 2 months and I cannot wait to be back for the outdoor classes next year!”

Fatimah H.

“I love being part of Rahel’s classes and working out with her and in a really supportive group, which she seemed to attract and cultivated well! She is a fountain of knowledge about bodywork and calisthenics and promotes good technique, which is a number one for me.

Rahel is very energised, committed and focused and will have you working hard and upside down before you know it 🙂 but in a fully supportive and safe environment. I would say to anyone looking for calisthenics- try this and go with an open heart and have fun developing your superpowers!”

Emma A.

“I have been training with Rahel for a number of years and the results are amazing. She has an amazing amount of knowledge and enthusiasm. I have had a number of challenging knee operations but each time she has adapted our training sessions to deal with them and now I am in great physical shape. I could not recommend her more highly.”

Sarah R.

“Rahel has changed my life. It wasn’t just a case of getting in shape for me, it was turning my health around. I set a target to lose 2st in 3 months and was determined to do it. With her incredible knowledge of both nutrition and PT, Rahel made a tailor made programme that balanced total lifestyle change with achievability.

Rahel is unique in that she does both nutrition AND training, so any programme is of course more effective. Oh, and she’s damn good fun too!

I would HIGHLY recommend Rahel for any fitness or health plan you’re embarking on. In 3 months I got into better shape than I’d been since I was 18!”

Jim B.

“My partner and I worked closely with Rahel and our lives have changed so much!! She helped us to understand food and understand our bodies – we lost weight and put on muscle and feel great. All of the recipes were AMAZING and very tasty!! We couldn’t recommend her more. Whenever we needed a question answered, we would get a reply almost instantly – Thank you so much Rahel x”

Joe M.

“Rahel is an amazing personal trainer! She is ambitious, incredibly knowledgeable in nutrition and sport and a great person to be around, funny and very positive. She is patient but will push you to your limits so your limits will expand – and fast! I am beyond delighted to have chosen Rahel to work with!

I spent 10 weeks in London and trained 3x a week. Now getting so many compliments from colleagues on my slimmer figure and toned physique.

Thanks for putting up with me Rahel! It was a true pleasure to meet you and train with you!”

Elia V.