Jim B.

“Rahel has changed my life. It wasn’t just a case of getting in shape for me, it was turning my health around. I set a target to lose 2st in 3 months and was determined to do it. With her incredible knowledge of both nutrition and PT, Rahel made a tailor made programme that balanced total lifestyle change with achievability.

Rahel is unique in that she does both nutrition AND training, so any programme is of course more effective. Oh, and she’s damn good fun too!

I would HIGHLY recommend Rahel for any fitness or health plan you’re embarking on. In 3 months I got into better shape than I’d been since I was 18!”

Joe M.

“My partner and I worked closely with Rahel and our lives have changed so much!! She helped us to understand food and understand our bodies – we lost weight and put on muscle and feel great. All of the recipes were AMAZING and very tasty!! We couldn’t recommend her more. Whenever we needed a question answered, we would get a reply almost instantly – Thank you so much Rahel x”

Elia V.

“Rahel is an amazing personal trainer! She is ambitious, incredibly knowledgeable in nutrition and sport and a great person to be around, funny and very positive. She is patient but will push you to your limits so your limits will expand – and fast! I am beyond delighted to have chosen Rahel to work with!

I spent 10 weeks in London and trained 3x a week. Now getting so many compliments from colleagues on my slimmer figure and toned physique.

Thanks for putting up with me Rahel! It was a true pleasure to meet you and train with you!”

Joanne M.

“Rahel has helped me so much the past 6 months. She has helped me to overhaul not only my diet but the diet of my children, without using that dreaded word “diet”. She has given me great advice and really knows her stuff. I would highly recommend you use her.”

Marion L.

“Rahel has been training me twice a week on my sitting room floor for three years. I can honestly say I have never been stronger and fitter in my whole life – and I am 65. I hate gyms and had lacked any motivation to exercise before, but now I am proud and rather amazed by what she has helped me achieve. Training with Rahel is always a varied sequence of different exercises which keep every session interesting. Legs, arms, abs, cardio – boxing, weights, ball balancing. She’s always coming up with new combinations. Twinges in specific muscles are expertly managed. I had a troublesome elbow which has disappeared. She is more knowledgeable than many a physio and has taught me a lot about how my muscular system works. That understanding is very empowering.
She is a wise friend, an inspirational teacher and a great motivator. A few days ago, little old granny – me – was in the Ionian Sea, hauling in the anchor of a 50 foot ketch. The electric windlass had cut out. (Sailors will know how much strength that needs.). In my bikini. I couldn’t possibly have done either without Rahel’s skills.”

Paul D.

“Sometimes you come across a professional in the health industry that not only changes the way you think about yourself and gives you the information you need to change your habits, but also helps you to realise you can achieve more than you thought possible. Rahel is amazing, she lives the life she is showing you. Thank you Rahel!”

David T.

“Rahel has been a brilliant trainer for over a year now. She always brings energy and enthusiasm to the gym and so keeps training varied, interesting (she brings a load of nutritional knowledge with her too) and, most importantly, enjoyable. After deciding upon a new regime just over 6 months ago, I’ve been able to maintain a regular exercise schedule, a much better diet and have lost close on 10 kilos as a result and so, naturally, feel healthier, fitter, stronger and happier than ever. Rahel has played a huge part in that and showed me that diets and training don’t need to be boring to get the best results. I can only recommend her as a trainer.”

Philip S.

“Rahel has a great attitude, lots of knowledge and tons of energy! I have been training with her for 6 months plus and have got fantastic results and hit several goals. Highly recommended.”

Sajid A.

“This year has been totally uplifting! Rahel has amazing ability to understand and solve. I had injured myself 5 years ago with sciatica and could not find the right answer from GPs to hospitals and physiotherapists. Within two months NO PAIN NO STRAIN and now I got GAME! From 60kg to 110kg compound lifting with the greatest posture and technique and, by the way, I’m 62kg in body mass, HaHa 🙂 She has made me understand so much which is priceless.”

Lavina L.

“I have been working with Rahel for 2.5years now and she is amazing. As my training regime goes through rough patches, the one constant is my weekly sessions with Rahel. She has made me infinitely stronger and always keeps it interesting, when I’m struggling she knows how to keep me going. We switch between conditioning and strength training and she knows my body and what I need. She is great whatever your needs are, whether it’s weight loss, rehab, fitness or strength-she can honestly do it all.”