I’m copying my client’s diet: the experiment!

Hello to everyone and welcome to The Amazon’s blog!


I have decided to take on a challenge for the next 7 days and am so excited to share it with you all. I will be copying one of my clients’ diet in order to help her change her relationship with food. I will try to avoid sharing too much of the backstory just yet, all I’m going to say is that currently she isn’t eating enough. Our goal is to help her lose weight but because her food intake has been very low for a long time, we have to increase it first before we can drop anymore. To be able to do that, I am trying to see where she’s coming from and understand the reasoning behind her actions. I have completed day 1 and I already think I am starting to understand. ❤️

We decided to give my client an alias – Tina.

The rules are simple: I don’t eat until she eats. If she forgets to text me, then I don’t eat. I don’t get to decide what we eat, however I do get to have a postworkout protein shake. Should she go without food for too long, I will send her a prompt: “I am hungry.”

I am documenting it all here, in my blog, and also over on my Instagram stories. Tune in and let me know what you think! I’m very excited to say many people have already gotten in touch to say they’re watching and the views are speaking for themselves! ❤️


This is how my day went today:

7am – wake up, excited for the experiment and for the day ahead. Equally a bit nervous/anxious and wondering how long I will have to wait for the first food/drink text to come through.

7:30ish – text from Tina that she’s having a soy Americano in Starbucks. I get myself out of bed; I go to the toilet, take my measurements both with tape measure and callipers (estimated my backfold measurement to be the same as my calf’s) and head to the kitchen. Silver is still asleep so I get my Tassimo out of the cupboard, fill it up with water and find an Americano disc.

8am – I’m finally having my Americano. I used a splash of semi skimmed milk and probably a slightly heaped teaspoon of sugar. I’m in good spirits and can’t stop grinning like a naughty child who’s up to no good just because I’m not eating my normal breakfast.

9am – I’m trying to read a book and for the life of me can’t stay still. I’m absolutely wired from the coffee and have way more energy than what I know to do with. I do the dishes I left in the sink last night and amusingly think what a shame I already tidied the whole house two days ago.

9:45am – second text! Tina is having a fried egg and some spinach plus a juice/smoothie. I don’t have a juicer so I ask her for the ingredients of her drink and eat everything raw – 1/3 cucumber, 1 apple, 1 carrot. Surprisingly, it takes me about 20 minutes.  Feeling amused.

12-1pm – I’m now at K West training my client and start to crash slowly – I’m yawning and find it tiring to stand up so I sit down as often as I can while my client powers through his session. Halfway through the session I get a text from Tina saying she’s having her next Americano. Great, she’s trying to kill me. She apologises in the same text, which makes it even funnier.

1:45pm – I get to the West London gym for my own session. I’m dropping Silver off and heading upstairs. My hands are shaking and I am ready to lift mountains. I’m looking forward to the session, amused, although I know I won’t be as strong as I normally am because I have only consumed around 300 calories since I awoke.

2:30pm – something is happening, I can feel my strength levels dropping and I am now struggling to even lift lighter than light weights. It’s starting to frustrate me, however I am feeling so spaced out from all the coffee that my immediate focus is on not dropping my water cup when I pick it up to take a sip. My hands are shaking uncontrollably and I’m starting to feel a bit irritable.

2:50pm – I text Tina, giving her a heads up that it’s time to think about lunch. I give her an hour as I know how soon after my session/shake I will experience the crash and I don’t want it to get bad.

3:15-3:50pm – I take ages to get ready after my shower; I feel slow and consider skipping drying my hair and not doing my makeup. I know I will get to eat as soon as I go to the cafe but I’m too tired to move. I’m feeling down and weak. I push myself to dry my hair, hard enough to tame as it is and leave my eyebrow pencil and mascara for later.

4:10pm – after posting some serious stories on my Instagram, the food finally arrives. I am having a Greek salad with some feta and hummus to try and match Tina’s meal of two eggs and a buttered vegetable medley. About 5 bites in and I can feel my mood improve and my energy return. It tastes so good!!

4:40pm – food was tasty and I feel satiated to an extent, but I can’t ignore Silver’s mac and cheese leftovers on his plate. If only I wasn’t on this challenge.. I keep eyeing it for a while. I also notice a man purchasing a banana and jealously watch him taking a nice big bite out of it. I’d love to have a banana.

5-5:45pm – I somehow go from being really tired and foggy brained to feeling semi ok and no longer crashing. I’m curious as to what could have brought on such a change in my energy levels.

6:30pm – Tina is starting to cook dinner. I’m in the gym with clients until 8pm and since I don’t have food on me, I’ll have to wait until I get home. Luckily I’m feeling ok and I know I’ll be able to wait till later.

9pm – I’m steaming about 200g broccoli in the microwave and have sliced up 125g cooked turkey breast. I have not been this excited to be eating broccoli for a while and I eat it almost every day! I have my first bite of the cold turkey – it has never tasted this good. Meanwhile, Silver decides to have chocolate cake for dinner. I cut him a huge slice and quickly send him to the living room with a huge glass of milk just so I wouldn’t have to see that cake.

Although afternoon was the hardest and I was seriously struggling, the day still ends on a good note. I’m feeling satiated for now and am looking forward to tomorrow.

Caloric intake: 938kcal + 198 calories from the protein shake.

1 down, 6 to go.