I’m copying my client’s diet: the experiment! Day 2/7

Hello and welcome! More and more people tuning in to this experiment or challenge even if you will and I couldn’t be more pleased. Everyone’s positive messages are very helpful and Tina and I are carrying on as planned.

Fun fact: I’ve even changed my client’s contact name to Tina on my phone for fear of slipping and mentioning her real name during moments of brain fogginess and confusion. Best stay in character! ☺️

Today was both easier and harder. It makes sense to me. It was easier because I only had two morning clients and no gym as I took Silver to the Lego exhibition at Excel (we do it every year). I got to sit around a lot and generally just didn’t use a lot of energy so it was easy to cope. But it was also harder as my food intake was coincidentally lower and I was hit by a spectrum of moods I had no control over. Let me tell you all about it!

6:53am – I wake up naturally, grab my phone first thing to check if there’s a message from Tina even though I’m still half asleep. No text, so I just give myself a bit of time to come about before I get up and start getting ready.

7:10-7:50am – I pack my bag for the day, prepare a meal for later that I know I will be able to eat. I have a lot more free time than usual since I’m not having any breakfast. I drink two glasses of water. I notice I am feeling anxious and shaky; it could be from the excess coffee the day before or perhaps already the lack of coffee this morning? Not sure how quickly caffeine addiction happens? I go to the toilet and am shocked as to how dehydrated I am. In the craziness of yesterday I completely forgot to drink water?! I’m going to make sure I drink more today.

8:30am – I’m changing trains at Clapham Junction and coincidentally receive a text from Tina that she’s having a small Americano at home. I get one from the station and carry on with my journey.

8:50am – I’m walking to my client and realise that the anxious and shaky feeling is gone thanks to the coffee. I was expecting that and make a mental note of it for myself.

10:40am – I have trained my first client and have now arrived at Tina’s gym. I know I won’t be eating anything until after her session so I make sure I make it a good one to build up her appetite. We have a great session, lots of laughs as usual and Tina is working hard. I promise her that I’m not punishing her for what she’s putting me through. Not sure if she actually believes me.

12:10pm – I’ve left Tina and Silver and I are heading to Excel. I’m eating my vegetables and cold turkey breast from a Tupperware on the platform at the station before my train arrives. I don’t have enough time to finish it all so we travel a few stops and finish my meal on the platform at the next station before continuing our journey. I’m in good spirits from my client sessions and Silver is proving to be extremely witty today and is making me laugh.

1:30pm – we arrive at Excel and I make sure Silver eats before we enter the Bricklive event. While paying for Silver’s lunch (a mouth watering chicken and bacon toastie), the barista asks if I want any coffee with my order. I could swear I feel my eye twitch as I refuse her offer with a smile. Silver is finding it all very amusing.

1:30pm – we are at the Bricklive event, about an hour in a realise that I can sit comfortably on a Lego brick shaped seat and leave Silver to run around and have fun. I am feeling good and also quite smug that I found such a clever way of preserving energy. I am unable to stop thinking about all kinds of tasty, sugary, fatty foods and take notice of every person’s snacks who walk past. To my right, a father sits down with his three children and hands them bananas. What is it with the bananas lately? I want one.

4pm – a client texts me to express her condolences for having undertaken such a difficult task and admits that she’d love tea and Tim Tam’s. I agree excitedly and for a moment consider proposing having a secret tea party with her without telling anybody. I don’t do it but the mental list of foods I’m going to eat as soon as I’m done with this experiment is growing.

5pm – I have a small soy decaf Americano. The order seems so long that I have to memorise what I’m going to say first. I have to add my own milk and clumsily spill some on the counter. I can’t taste the soy in my drink and the coffee tastes very strong. I add several sugars before the taste is palatable. I’m happy I have a warm drink as I got a bit cold from sitting in the same place for three hours. I need to use the loo as I drank about 500ml of water earlier to avoid heavy dehydration. I realise I have another problem – I am becoming constipated.

6-7:30pm – we travel home from Excel. During this time I go through many emotions. I start my journey feeling bloated and gassy but otherwise relatively calm. Once we get to Waterloo for our train to Norbiton, I am rapidly becoming ratty, impatient, short and I can’t seem to stop or control myself. I get cross with Silver and tell him I need 5 minutes. This is not how I wanted my evening to end. Getting off the train at Norbiton, I almost snap at a stranger who’s walking too slowly in front of me yet won’t let us pass either. I momentarily question my sanity for doing this. (Erin, if you’re reading – I quite clearly failed the reframing exercise!)

7:45pm – Tina has seen my Instagram stories and contacts me because she’s worried that I’m angry with her – not at all. She says she’s finishing shopping and heading home to cook and eat. I get to start prepping food! I feel my spirits lift a little bit immediately.

8:20pm – my food is ready. 200g chicken mini fillets and another layered vegetable pot from Waitrose. This is a big meal and tastes so good! Although by this point I have not eaten anything for 8 hours, so I could use more food to satiate me completely. Carbs would be amazing! Maybe tomorrow?

9pm – I am determined to finish my Instagram post and blog post within an hour and go to bed early so I wouldn’t become hungry again as I can’t sleep on an empty stomach. I notice that my stomach looks a bit distended and I can hear loud digestion noises. I know I’m constipated as I’ve not been able to go #2 all day. I’m surprised how quickly that happened as I have a fantastic digestion due to my high vegetable and fibre intake (2-3x/day). I am curious to see how I feel and look tomorrow morning.

Guess my calories for today? My dinner actually has more calories than I’ve eaten all day and adds up to a whopping 630kcal. My whole day caloric intake comes to 1195kcal on myfitnesspal.

I’m slightly dreading tomorrow. Is it going to get progressively harder?

One day at a time. 2 out of 7 done. We can do this!