Cod & Mango Salad


  • 2 large cod loin fillets
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 cob or small pot of sweetcorn
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/2 fresh mango
  • 2 tbsp Hellman’s light mayonnaise


Preheat the oven to 205°C, which is the optimal temperature for baking cod. Pat down cod fillets with a kitchen towel to remove any excess water. I like to bake my cod en papillote either inside baking paper or tin foil (shiny side out) so they steam perfectly inside the parcels. I cooked my fillets for 20 minutes and they flaked so easily with the fork. 

While the cod is in the oven, prepare the rest of the ingredients. Slice and chop the cucumber, drain sweetcorn (or boil a whole cob and cut kernels off with a knife) and mix in a bowl with the low-fat mayonnaise. You can prepare the avocado and mango in a similar manner – cut in half, use a knife to slice and cut the fruit (yes, avocado is also a fruit) within the shell and then scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Save a few strips of mango for garnish.

Once the cod has cooked, place it on a rack to cool for 5-10 minutes and then flake with a fork and add it to the salad. You can serve the salad immediately or store it in the fridge after covering it with cling film. You can expect water to ooze out of the cucumber, which is natural, so make sure you stir the salad again before serving or add a bit more mayo. As a main, this salad serves two people, as a side it serves 4 people. Bon Appetit!

Energy (per serving): 314kcal, 29g protein, 22g carbs, 12g fat.

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