IMG_1533London, I love you! 🧡 It’s the best city in the world but the summers can be a bit hit and miss, so you can imagine my level of excitement and happiness now with this weather we’re having. Long may it continue! ☺️

There are several problems that arise, however, with extended hot periods – especially somewhere where it isn’t so common – and one of them is dehydration. Due to excessive sweating we also lose important electrolytes from our bodies and can become lethargic, drained, weak and dizzy. I have experienced it myself this week and so have a few of my clients. .

1️⃣So my first bit of advice of for when you’re training: carry with you a big bottle of water and an isotonic sports drink (a flat Lucozade or similar) to top up electrolytes or energy levels should you suddenly start to feel exhausted. Also try to have on you some fruit like a banana or a few figs or dried apricots. They’re easy to digest and full of quick release carbs/sugars to top up your energy levels. .

2️⃣My second tip is for every day hydration. Try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit to help with your hydration levels. Cucumber is 95% water, so are tomatoes, radishes, celery, lettuce etc. Out of fruit your best options are watermelon, melon, pomegranate, pineapple, grapefruit etc with around 86-90% water. They all count towards your hydration levels! 😊

That’s what inspired me to have these lovely baked grapefruit halves for breakfast! 😍 I wasn’t very hungry anyway, so I combined hydration with nutrition and baked the grapefruit in the oven for 15 minutes at 220C. Before you bake it, sprinkle about 3/4tsp of brown sugar on top of each half. Once cooked, put a lovely dollop of Total 0% on top and sprinkle cinnamon on top. Oh. My. Lord. It was so tasty and so juicy, I actually ditched the spoon and ate it with my hands. Granted, it got a bit messy but it was so worth it! 😂

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