Are you prioritising your fitness and fat loss goals? Talking about how badly you want it isn’t enough, you must take action every day, a little at a time. 💚

What are the first 3 things that pop into your head in the morning when you open your eyes? Or maybe even the first 5 things. If you claim you want to change your lifestyle and you’re willing to do ANYTHING for it, however if training and a healthy diet aren’t part of your waking thoughts then there’s lots more work to be done before the change will actually happen. ☝🏼

When a new client comes to me, I find out where on the contemplation ladder they think they are and then we establish where they actually are. We all want something from life but fact is not everybody gets what they want because wanting isn’t enough. If you wanted to go on holiday, you would book the flights, right? You wouldn’t just sit on your sofa hoping that maybe you’ll magically be transported to the destination. 😁

That’s how it is with losing fat – you need to eat a certain way to achieve it. You can’t sit on the sofa, looking at photos of fit people on Instagram and expect fitness and weight loss by association. You can definitely assist fat loss through exercise but this will only get you so far. You must change your diet, you must fix your metabolism and “teach” your body how to utilise existing bodyfat as fuel as opposed to the plain old carbohydrates. And this is why I give away so much information for free – because I know there are only a few people who will actually take this advice and others unfortunately see it as “easy come, easy go.” 🥺

We’re being taught from early on that carbs are the body’s primary source of energy. Let’s correct that: carbs are the easiest for your body to break down and use as energy. But that doesn’t mean your diet has to mainly comprise of carbs. Take the starchy carbs away or at least reduce them (to around 100g a day), consume sufficient amounts of protein and your body will adapt. Until you keep providing your body with carbs when you don’t need them (during periods of low activity), it will always be lazy and won’t tap into that endless source of energy that is bodyfat. Glycogen stores (carbs) will start to diminish in an HOUR after consumption whereas the amount of adipose tissue (bodyfat) on an average person could allow them to run 55 marathons!!! 🔥😳

And this is why you always hear me talk about carb manipulation. Carb cycling and carb backloading are the most common ways for athletes to improve both their performance and the appearance of their physique. Yet the average person would rather dismiss all that information with a wave of a hand, claiming that this type of life is not for them. Let’s clarify: you don’t have to be an athlete but you can eat and look like an athlete if you want to. And that’s what makes this so desirable: the amount of discipline needed. Because not everybody can do it, which is why some of us will go after it with a passion because we want to be those who can. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

To be continued…! 🙂

I really would like to congratulate you on taking constant interest in how to improve your lifestyle by eating better. Here is the recipe for a nice bowl of my Egg Mayo 2.0:
* 6 eggs, soft to hard boiled and chopped or smashed
* 1 heaped tsp of Hellman’s light per egg
* 1 bunch of cress, chopped
* A nice squeeze of strong mustard! 😍🔥

Mix it all up and either eat immediately or cool in the fridge to have later. The fat and protein in your egg mayo can also be changed by reducing the amount of egg yolks to egg whites. Remember to log it all in your fitness app to keep track of your caloric and macronutrient intake as when you’re guessing, you will likely be off my miles. A study from last year proved that women underestimate/underreport their caloric intake by about 500-600 calories and men by about 1000-1100 calories. Those calories are the equivalent to 0,5kg and 1kg weight respectively and will determine whether you lose weight, gain weight or if you stay the same. Don’t throw away time and money by estimating your calories. Always keep track as closely as you can!

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