Salmon Stir Fry

INGREDIENTS: 300-360g salmon fillet 1 packet of Nissin beef ramen 1 big head of broccoli 200g fine beans 200g baby sweetcorn 1 heaped tsp garlic puree 2 tbsp sesame oil 3-4 tbsp light soy sauce 50-80g kimchi per serving INSTRUCTIONS: Ideally, you’d like to use two pans for this but one will do just fine;Continue reading “Salmon Stir Fry”

Why I don’t support exclusion diets.

My 6 week challenge group is already making great progress and I couldn’t be more proud. Everybody is involved, asking questions and encouraging one another. This morning they brought a challenge to my attention – J-Lo has announced a 10 day no sugar, no carbs challenge and my first thought was: “Oh no!” 😳 MyContinue reading “Why I don’t support exclusion diets.”