I served my burgers over a pre-prepared salad bowl from Tesco. Macros for this whole plate are: 300kcal, 38g protein, 9g fat and 16g carbs (only 8g carbs actually from breadcrumbs). Bursting with flavour, this is something the IMG_6229whole family will love! 💚

Here’s what you’ll need:

🔸500g 5% turkey thigh mince

🔸4,5 tbsp breadcrumbs

🔸1 tsp mustard

🔸1/2 red onion, diced

🔸7 tsp chopped parsley

🔸Pepper to taste

You can also add a dash of Worcester sauce and a few tbsp of buttermilk (I didn’t). I have to say, these have so much flavour even without. I also didn’t use any salt – I barely ever do!

Cooking tip: always use a non-stick pan, make sure the pan is hot and for best results, spray a little oil on the pan just to ensure the onions and herbs don’t burn!

Also remember, no food is inherently ‘bad’ or ‘good’, it’s all in the amount used and the way it’s prepared. Healthy food doesn’t mean weight loss and an “unhealthy” treat (slice of pizza?) isn’t going to make us immediately gain weight. 😌


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